What is Counterstrain?

Meet the Libertas PT Doctors Kristie & Josh

What does Libertas PT have to offer me?

Who Sould Come to Libertas PT?

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What Sould I Expect from my First Appointment at Libertas PT?

What is Cold Therapy?

Why Should Someone Do Cold Therapy?

Can Cold Therapy Help Me with Weight Loss?

What are Some of the Most Common Things You See Patients For?

What do I need to be Doing at Home?

How do you Specialize in Women’s Health?

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Can We help Kids? YES! Children need Physical Therapy too.

What do you do to Focus on Overall Wellness?

Common Conditions we treat not Usually Associated with Physical Therapy.

Tell me about the Cranial Scan?

How does Nutrition play a role in Physical Therapy?

What do you do to Focus on Overall Wellness?