Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect at my First visit?2022-09-24T04:23:27+00:00

Prior to your 1st visit, please complete the intake and consent forms from your portal link that you received upon scheduling. This gives us a great baseline for where you are in your health journey and where you would like to end up. Evaluation assessments that are done in person may include, but are not limited to: mobility testing, strength and balance testing, neurological tests for sensation and body awareness, palpation for tender points, and movement/biomechanic assessments. Please wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing and allow 60 minutes for the appointment.

What is “Counterstrain” and why haven’t I heard about it before?2022-09-24T04:23:56+00:00

Counterstrain is a unique treatment that allows us to treat your fascia throughout your body. Traditionally, physical therapy focused on muscles and joints, but by treating the fascia, we can impact the body in a profound way. (See education for more information on fascia) Counterstrain has been growing in popularity but requires a great deal of training, discipline and education to master the technique. In 2006, research began discussing the importance of the stretch reflex and the impact on the body [See: Stretch Reflex and Hoffman Reflex Response To Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment in subjects with Achilles Tendonitis, JAOA, Vol. 106, Sept. 2006.]

Once a tissue has been released, is the effect permanent?2022-09-24T04:24:47+00:00

Yes, in general, this is the case, however, respect must be given to the big picture. Your body is all connected and therefore we must figure out the “cause” of your initial dysfunction. Further education on this will be provided during your treatment sessions regarding your specific situation.

How many treatments are generally needed to experience relief?2022-09-24T04:25:10+00:00

Most patients will experience significant relief within 2-4 treatment sessions with a typical plan of care lasting 8-10 sessions.

Are “traditional” physical therapy techniques used at Libertas Physical Therapy?2022-09-24T04:25:35+00:00

Yes! In addition to hands-on treatment, patients also will be given exercise recommendations and training on proper body mechanics and ergonomics.

Do you take my insurance?2022-09-24T04:26:03+00:00

Libertas Physical Therapy is not contracted with any insurance companies because we do not treat insurance companies – we treat our patients and recommend what is best for our patients. Each session is “cash-based” and payment is due at the time of services. We will provide a superbill with all of the information to submit a claim to your insurance if you so choose to file on your own.

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