Sick of foam rolling your IT bands over and over with no results? There’s a much better way!

Sick and tired of dealing with acute or chronic IT band syndrome? Is it hindering your athletic performance and goals? Have you tried foam rolling and all it does is hurt with minimal to no results? If that’s the case then this course may be the right one for you! Learn how I manage my own IT band issues to increase performance! This course will teach you how I use an ancient technique that has been lost in the modern world. After this course, you will learn how I manage my own IT band pain that allows me to be physically active with my two daughters and push myself to higher levels physically!
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So you had a cesarean “C-section” … now what?

I am going to teach you the things I did to ensure a healthy recovery. This will include building a relationship with your pelvic floor, learning the anatomy of the surgery and the significance of the cut, what abdominal muscles are involved and how I got them back, and how I treat my scar.
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